Frequently Asked Questions

  1. RipperX doesn't start from the Gnome Menu
    RipperX won't start from the Gnome menu if there is an audio CD in the drive. I have no idea why. Workarounds are: start from prompt, or start RipperX without an audio CD in the drive.
  2. The progressbars don't move!!
    Two possibilities.
    1. Your locale for numbers is not "en_US".
      There seems to be a glibc bug in sscanf/sprintf that causes this bug. Try setting LC_NUMERIC to "en_US" or just unsetting LC_NUMERIC and LC_ALL.
    2. You use a plugin for an encoder or ripper that is not right (anymore) for your encoder/ripper. This can happen with older (or newer) versions than the one the encoder/ripper expects. Try using a different encoder/ripper.
  3. RipperX insists on /dev/cdrom
    Cdparanoia by default tries to open /dev/cdrom. You can specify the correct device in the Config dialog, under the "Wav" tab. Type "-d /dev/yourdev" in the extra options entry field.
  4. CDDB lookup fails!
    This is probably caused by firewalls or proxies not allowing RipperX to connect directly. Try entering proxy host and portnumbers in the config dialog in the CDDB tab, and make sure the checkbox "use http" is checked.
  5. Sometimes I get "Error Code 22: CD not in database"
    This is because ripperX uses freedb.org, which sometimes is not as up to date as cddb.com, especially for new titles. (And vice versa can be true!) I believe freedb.org is the "Right Thing To Do", and that is why freedb is the default CDDB server. If you keep getting Error 22, there are 2 things you can do: 1) open gtcd or similar program and with the CDDB server set to freedb.org, fill in the information and submit it. 2) Change the CDDB server in ripperX to us.cddb.com (port 888) or us.cddb.com/~cddb/cddb.cgi (port 80 for HTTP). I will implement submitting of the CDDB data from within RipperX later.
  6. How do I change the name of my files to have the track number, album name, etc?
    In the Files tab of the configuration window, you will see a File format string text box. You can name your files anything you want and the special % variables will be replaced with CDDB information.
    %s = Song Title
    %a = Artist Name
    %# = Track Number
    %v = Album Name
    for example, the default string is:
    %a - %s
    which will produce mp3s like so:
    Artist Name - Song Title.mp3
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